Block Leave at Military Schools

The district's policy on military leave


Each school on Fort Lewis and McChord will follow the same guidelines. These guidelines for the 2009-10 school

year will be shared in a publication/document with all families who have students attending schools on Fort Lewis

and McChord by Nov. 15, 2009. Block Leave expectations for schools, families and students will be published in

each school's handbook beginning with the 2010-11 school year.

Guidelines will include:

New language taken from Policy 3122-P1 - Letter E (Absences resulting from military family leave).

Families are discouraged from removing students from school for extended absences. However, family leave due

to a deployment is a legitimate exception. In these cases, schools will prepare as much homework as practical for students to complete while away. When homework cannot be produced for students, they will be allowed sufficient time when they return to complete necessary class and homework assignments.

Extended absences can have a negative impact on student grades and assessments. Family leave absences extending beyond 20 consecutive school days require the school district to withdraw students from the school,

per state law. Students can be re-enrolled upon return.


Block Leave is a two week leave given to a service member who is deployed overseas. The leave occurs during

the deployment, usually at the mid point, and allows the service member to return home to be with his or her family.

During Block Leave, student absences will be excused so students can be with their families during the time the service member is home.



  • Be aware that when students have extended absences from school, there will be subject matter presented and participation activities that cannot be made-up.
  • Families will notify the school two weeks in advance that the student will be absent from school due to a scheduled Block Leave.
  • Families will determine how students will acquire the skills and concepts they miss while not attending school from
    two options.
  • Option One
    • Before going on leave, families will obtain, from the school, access codes for reading and math activities that will support students practicing of the core skills during the child’s absence. School staff will have seven days
      in advance of the leave to prepare the information for online access.
  • Option Two
    • Families do not request school materials in advance and understand that the student will be asked to demonstrate proficiency in the skills and concepts that he/she missed within five days after returning from leave.

If the student is proficient, he/she will not be asked to review the skills and concepts taught during the absence. If the student needs additional support in the skills and concepts missed, the school will provide the materials needed to support him/her in mastering the skills and concepts. These assignments must be completed within ten school days after returning to school.


  • Schools will inform families of the practices and procedures regarding attendance and absences.
  • Schools will prepare student materials according to established procedures.
  • Within five school days after the child returns to school, school staff will review completed student work that has been done during the absence.
  • When the student returns, the school will assess the student's level of mastery of the skills and concepts taught during the student's absence.
  • The school will provide materials to ensure students acquire the concepts and skills not yet mastered.


  • Students are responsible for performing on grade level by continuing their learning during Block Leave absence.
  • When appropriate, students may need to attend after school programs to complete missed assignments and/or make up content which is critical to their continued learning.